Landscape Design

Landscape Design That Compliments Your Space

We offer a wide range of landscape design services throughout Devon and Cornwall. Whether you need to discharge a planning condition, redesign your outdoor space or need help planning your next development we are here to help.  Creating a garden or landscape design that compliments your home, place of work or next development is often overlooked. However it can be a key element to a successful design that will bring you enjoyment for years to come. It can also help with the saleability of your project.

Here at Highscapes Design and Planning we see the landscape and building as a single entity. We believe any proposed building should consider the landscape and vice versa. This has been the key to our design and planning success in recent years. It has also helped us gain a 100% planning success rate with our local planning authorities in Devon and Cornwall. Considering how any proposed structure will interact with the landscape during and after construction is key to a successful design.  Designing a landscape or garden around an existing building can completely change the feel of a property. It can turn a house into a home or an office into an enjoyable and productive place to work. If you have a small garden space or a large landscape you need help with then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Can We Help?

  • Identification of opportunities and constraints of the site
  • Concept design, landscape strategies, sketch design and budget estimates
  • Development of vision and concept proposals
  • Hard landscape design (hard surfaces) and specification
  • Soft landscape design (planting design) and specification
  • Specifications, tendering, contract administration and landscape clerk of works
  • Earthworks design, ground modelling and cut and fill calculations
  • Design guides and planning briefs
  • Landscape and visual impact assessments (LVIA)
  • Landscape sensitivity and capacity studies
  • 3D visualisation, including photomontages and perspectives
  • Landscape designation studies including National Parks, AONBs and local landscape designations
  • Planning applications, negotiations and discharge of planning conditions
  • Public exhibitions and community involvement